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Government Rebate & Loan Programs


takeCHARGE - Oil to Electric Incentive Program

With the NEW Oil to Electric Incentive Program, qualified homeowners can receive an incentive up to $17,000* to help transition their homes from oil to electricity-based heat.

Oil to Electric Incentive (takeCHARGE Federal and Provincial)

Up to $17,000

Based on income, # of people living in home, type of heating being installed

Only 1 quote is required for each heating option you are installing.

Greener Homes Grant

Get up to $5,000 in rebates after installation of an eligible heat pump product. This rebate is NOT based on income!  

An energy audit is needed (the government will repay up to $600 towards the cost of this audit, this amount is over and above the rebate amount) We can help set this up for you.

You pay upfront and submit the receipts to receive reimbursement.

This is NOT based on income.

Only 1 quote is required.

Greener Homes Loan

The Canada Greener Homes Loan offers interest-free financing in addition to the Greener Homes Grant.

  • Up to $40,000, 10 year & 0% interest.
  • You must qualify for the above grant to be eligible. This is NOT based on income.
  • Only 1 quote is required 

Oil To Heat Pump Affordability Program

Homeowners may qualify to receive an upfront payment of up to $10,000 to switch to new, energy-efficient heat pumps. This program is based on income.

  • Recommended to get 3 quotes.

Financing Options via ColeAir Contracting Ltd (FinanceIt)

You pick the terms you want – anywhere between 2-5 years.

The interest is based individually and dependent on the terms you choose.

Go to and click on the Financing Tab to start your application.

No down payment needed.

Only 1 quote is required.

Defer Payments For 9 months

You can defer the cost of your mini split or heat pump for up to 9 months. ( You can even include the cost of the efficiency audit if you need to get one done if you are also using the Greener Homes Grant).  The interest amount is approximately 8%.

  • Only 1 quote is required.
  • Eastern Edge Credit Union Home Efficiency Smart Loan
  • Prime + 1%.
  • 5 year term.
  • A $100 contribution is required upfront to go into an equity share.  When your loan is paid in full, you get the $100 back.
  • We call the credit union on your behalf.
  • Only 1 quote is required.