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Our Yearly

Maintenance Packages

At Cole Air Contracting, we can supply our customers with dependable HVAC systems, install them and provide routine maintenance. Our team has the experience to keep your system in tip top shape for years to come. Regular maintenance is always the best prevention of future system problems or breakdowns. Be sure your HVAC equipment is ready for all the demands of winter and summer by keeping an eye on them during the spring and the fall. Our yearly preventative maintenance packages include a complete inspection of your equipment and a 10% discount on our additional hourly rate, if necessary. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance packages.

Our Maintenance Checklist

Enjoy the peace of mind and comfort of perfectly regulated temperatures all year long. With our yearly maintenance packages, you HVAC system will be at the ready to keep your family comfortable all year long. Our team of technicians follows this thorough checklist at each visit.

While your system is operating

We monitor:

  • System starting characteristics and capabilities
  • Air conditioning and heat pump systems for correct refrigerant charge
  • System for correct line and load volts/amps
  • System operation as per manufacturer’s specifications

We measure:

  • Outdoor dry bulb temperature
  • High and low side system pressures
  • Temperature fluctuation and adjust airflow as needed

We always:

  • Listen for abnormal noise and search for the source
  • Check vent system for proper operation

Outdoor units

We inspect:

  • Units for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary
  • Base pan for restricted drain openings – remove obstructions as necessary
  • Coil and cabinet – clean as needed
  • Fan motor and fan blades for wear and damage – on older models, lubricants are needed
  • Control box, associated controls/accessories, wiring and connections. Controls may include contractors, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, sump heat and other accessories. All control box and electrical parts should be checked for wear or damage.
  • Compressor and associated tubing for damage
  • Provide system operation report and recommend repairs or replacement as necessary

Indoor Air Handler

We examine:

  • Blower assembly (includes blower housing, blower wheel and motor)
  • Older models and lubricate or replace fan belt, if needed
  • Combustion blower housing for lint and debris and clean as necessary
  • Evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines. Clean as needed
  • Heat exchanger for heating elements
  • Inspect flue system – Check for proper attachment to the furnace, any dislocated sections and for signs of corrosion. Replace if necessary
  • Control box, associated control, wiring and connections
  • Provide system operation report and recommend repairs or replacement as necessary

Heat Pump

We check:

  • Thermostat operation/calibration
  • Service disconnect
  • EAC and clean if necessary
  • Measure and record cooling coil temperature drop
  • Replace standard filter


Our contracts include a detailed list of tips and good practices for you to keep in mind all year long. Our pricing is as follows:

Yearly Packages

$379 + HST

  • Complete yearly maintenance package
  • Two visits per year
  • 10% discount on hourly rates and parts*

$199 + HST

  • Complete yearly maintenance package
  • One visit per year
  • 10% discount on hourly rates and parts*

Urgent Repairs

$99/hr + HST

Do you need an urgent repair? No problem! We can help you at an hourly rate, even if you don’t have a contract with us.

*this discount is only deducted off our hourly rate and parts if an issue comes up during our service and additional work is needed