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Mini-Split Heat Pumps

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Mini-split heat pumps are a great option to use in homes with ductless heating systems, such as hydronic heating, radiant panels or wood stoves. Just like other heat pumps, mini-splits capture heat from outdoor air and push it inside to warm your home. This process is then reversed to cool your home in the summer. Mini-splits are also an excellent choice to use in room additions when extending or installing new ductwork is not feasible. The team at Cole Air Contracting are experts at installing these types of heating systems. With years, of experience in the business, we can successfully install and maintain a mini-split system at your home or business.

Advantages of Mini-Splits

One of the major advantages of a mini-split system is the small size and flexibility of heating and cooling individual rooms. Many mini-split models can have up to four indoor units, each installed in a different room, but all connected to one single outdoor unit. This allows you to control the comfort and temperature of each individual room and gives you the freedom to only condition the occupied rooms, saving you energy and money.

The second major advantage of mini-splits is the fact that they are ductless. This allows the system to avoid energy losses associated with ductwork in forced air systems. Because the air does not have to travel through a complex system of ductwork, you save energy and lose less conditioned air. Duct losses account for about 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are placed in an unconditioned area of the house, like an attic.

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